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Keeping the house safe - innovative training platform for the Parliament of NSW

A contemporary state-of-the-art learning initiative is being introduced to NSW Parliament House. Called Voicemap™, this new system sees staff pacing the floors of Parliament with iPods.

Voicemap™ is a world-first learning and risk-management system with a focus on safety and good corporate governance. It provides a two-tiered training strategy, consisting of a customised audio program in combination with a web-based assessment.

Delivering content via iPods, the user is mobile, allowing learning to take place within the spatial environment of the work place.

With a focus on delivering consistent information across an organisation or specific work environment, Voicemap™ is perfect for induction and orientation programs. Because results are measurable, it also ensures greater compliance and helps reduce risk and improve safety.

Voicemap™ was developed in 2003 by Newcastle businesswoman, Dr Maggie Haertsch PhD (Behavioural Science). The system’s success has resulted in it’s use within a diverse range of industries, both nationally and internationally.

Dr Haertsch is a strong believer that you must be able to measure performance and outcomes. The beauty of her Voicemap™ system is that it measures the baseline knowledge of an individual prior to training and then assesses them again following the training.

It’s very important that organisations understand where the gaps in the knowledge of their staff pose a risk so they can pinpoint areas to improve, said Dr Haertsch.

Dr Haertsch is delighted to have been given the opportunity to demonstrate the Voicemap™ system to the government.

The system demonstrates the business case to be considered for all government agencies. Voicemap™ reduces risk, creates efficiencies and achieves compliance requirements and good governance practises. People using the system enjoy the process while saving around 75% of their normal training time and they also enjoy improved learning outcomes.

Voicemap™ is a method of learning that has been scientifically proven to work, said Dr Haertsch.

The Voicemap™ system is also cost effective, user friendly, up-to-the-minute and environmentally sound. Feedback from users in Parliament House has been positive and the system has been noted as an extremely useful and worthwhile component of their induction program.

The Hon. Peter Primrose MLC, President of the Legislative Council, and The Hon. Richard Torbay MP, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, will launch the Voicemap™ system at 3.45pm on 29 November 2007 in the Members’ Dining Room of Parliament of NSW, Macquarie Street, Sydney.

National and local media are invited to attend.

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