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iPods used to train staff at busy London station

One of London's busiest railway stations is turning to an Australian innovation to help train its staff in a unique and contemporary way. 

Following a six month trial, train operator, 'one' railway, has agreed a deal with a rapidly-expanding NSW-based company VOICEMAP™, to help train its employees based at London Liverpool Street station in everything from ticketing to customer service and safety. 

The technology makes use of iPods with specially programmed instructions giving new employees an audio training induction to their workplace and their various roles within it. Following the induction tour, employees take a web-based test to gauge how well they have retained the knowledge. 

In studies undertaken by clients and by the company itself, VOICEMAP™ training consistently outperforms conventional training techniques in being able to impart knowledge quickly and accurately to trainees. 

The technology was developed by Newcastle-based businesswoman, Dr Maggie Haertsch PhD (Behavioural Science), who was inspired by the self-guided audio tours offered in art galleries and museums. 

"From hospitals to railway stations, this is a superb example of VOICEMAP™’s capability to help staff learn on the job," Dr Haertsch said. 

"There is no better way than to learn than at your own pace in the context of your work environment. It brings out the best in people which ultimately is good for business." 

"This world first training and risk management system, VOICEMAP™, is a perfect match for one of the UK’s busiest mainline terminal stations. 'one' railway's approach to training, supporting their staff to excel in their job, is the business of VOICEMAP™. 

We are proud to work with 'one' railway." 

The technology was first trialled and remains in use in the emergency department of John Hunter Hospital and is being steadily rolled out across hospitals in Greater Glasgow and London. In Australia it is also being used in a range of industries from steel manufacturing to mining and government agencies. 

London Terminals Manager for 'one', Steve Newland said: "Having spent over 20 years working on the railways, I am always looking for different training methods and technological advances to help managers and front line staff to develop their careers and improve their competency levels." 

"Training and personal development is critical to the success of any business, and with an ever greater focus on developing a multi-skilled workforce, VOICEMAP™ provides a new, innovative approach for briefing staff and reviewing their competency levels and skills knowledge." 

About 'one' railway
'one' railway is the train operator that provides services to London Liverpool Street and to the East of England.
The franchise, which started in 2004, aims to provide an integrated and seamless service across the East of England. Each year more than 141 million people pass through London Liverpool Street station. Network Rail is responsible for the maintenance and security of the station and all the tenants. ‘one’ railway as station operator works closely with Network Rail on all issues at the station.
For further information about one railway visit the ‘one’ website: www.onerailway.com

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