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Voicemap™ launches audio series broadcast: 20/20 Vision

Cutting edge thinking gets aired through the latest in web-based narrow casting.

Founder of the Voicemap™ technology, Australian Dr Maggie Haertsch PhD is taking her revolutionary training and risk management system to the next stage in its evolution. Presented by Voicemap™’s award winning journalist, Christina Koutsoukos, the 20/20 Vision Audio Series is a collection of interviews with world-leading thinkers.

20/20 Vision encourages new and inspired ways of thinking about subjects such as work-life balance, cross-cultural thinking, research and ethics, to name but a few. In the long list of specialists cited for interview in the first series, philosopher Alain de Botton, Professor James Reason, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Manchester University (UK) and Barbara Holmes, Managing Director of Work/Life Balance International are all distinguished contributors and are the first to be featured.

20/20 Vision, The Voicemap™ Audio Series can be listened for free streaming from the Voicemap website anywhere in the world. It can also be downloaded for a time-based subscription where, for a nominal fee, subscribers can download any number of programs on the site. A new program will be on the Voicemap™ website every two weeks. Each program has a one page summary of key points and useful resources.

“Each program is educational, topical and highly relevant for any business. It is our way of demonstrating the power of audio for learning.” Dr Haertsch explains.

“We at Voicemap are excited to be bringing world experts to our clients and the general public. Our team have produced an excellent library of programs and we have the pleasure to present the best in thinking and new ideas in our ever changing and technological world.”

The site has opportunity to provide feedback and offer suggestions for speakers.

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