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Voicemap™ strikes gold in New Enterprise of Excellence stakes

Creator of the Voicemap™ training system, and more recently her innovative new 20/20 Vision Audio Series, Dr Maggie Haertsch says of her recent award, “I am honoured to be receiving this award. To have Voicemap™ publicly recognised as an innovative new enterprise is a great achievement. It was only in 2003 the idea was born and it is fast becoming a new standard for effective training and improving business.”

Asked why she nominated Voicemap™ for this year’s New Enterprise of Excellence Award, Janelle Gerrard of Design Change said, “Often women don’t acknowledge their success and what Maggie has achieved is so fantastic that she deserved to be recognised. Regardless of whether she won or not, completing the application is a valuable thing to do as it allows you to reflect on everything that you’ve accomplished to date.”

Vice President of HBWN, Robyn Laurenson of Graham A Brown & Associates, said that the standard of all finalists this year was tremendous.

Voicemap™ was established in 2004 following its successful trial in one of Australia’s busiest emergency departments, the John Hunter Hospital Emergency Department. With a focus on safety and good corporate governance, Voicemap™ is a world-first learning- and risk-management system which has sold licenses to other hospitals, government agencies, transport, mining and heavy-manufacturing multi-national companies in Australia and the United Kingdom.

The system is a two-tiered training approach incorporating a customised audio program and a web-based knowledge assessment. It ensures the delivery of consistent information across an organisation or specific work environment and is perfect for induction and orientation programs and communication of occupational health and safety requirements. The web-based knowledge assessment measures the level of understanding of the information by an individual and consequently allows the individual to improve on their knowledge.

Dr Haertsch has a team of nine and likes to work in a collaborative way where the sharing of ideas is encouraged, contributions are acknowledged and milestones are celebrated. She was also the winner of a Technology Demonstration Program Grant through the Australian Technology Showcase.

Watch out for more on the pioneering journey of Voicemap™ as Dr Haertsch’s innovative learning system becomes the standard for workplace learning worldwide.

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