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Voicemap translating Good Manufacturing Practice into strong business performance

Voicemap has been a wonderful tool for learning at TP Health. Apart from the obvious benefits of the orientation exercises, the ongoing GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) training has made light work of a normally arduous and monotonous TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration Act) compliance issue - i.e. GMP Training.

The staff have really enjoyed the interactive nature of the training, and they have been literally lining up to do the Voicemap sessions. The most beneficial aspect from a management perspective is the print out of individual staff results - these serve as "ready made" training records which can be easily kept on file for TGA audits as evidence of training.

Every staff member who has been through the training has achieved scores of 100% after doing the assessment the second time around - no one has achieved this score prior to doing the modules. This in itself is proof that the training is effective, and it is the first time we have experienced this with GMP training at TP Health.

It is a highly valuable training tool for operators within the field of GMP, and I would recommend it to any company who needs to comply to GMP requirements in industry.

Janelle Berry
Quality Assurance Manager, TP Health Ltd
Incorporating Thursday Plantation, Greenridge, Sunspirit and Nature's Remedy Products

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