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Revolutionary training initiative delivering fast, efficient and effective work-place learning.
Improve productivity and safety; reduce human error. VOICEMAP™ saves time and helps your organisation to meet OHS requirements, compliance obligations, accreditation and licensing standards. VOICEMAP™ also supports good corporate governance. 

Embrace new technology; use VOICEMAP™ in your workplace. VOICEMAP™ is a customised audio program designed to meet the specific requirements of your business. It incorporates competency assessment and is used in a wide variety of workplaces including hospitals, offices, factories, manufacturing plants, oil and gas production facilities and heavy industry.
VOICEMAP™ users are satisfied learners. 


What is VOICEMAP™?

VOICEMAP™ is an automated learning system that uses audio players with specially programmed instructions to understand procedures, policies and to become familiar with equipment, machinery and work environments. The training program is backed up by a web-based knowledge assessment. 

VOICEMAP™ provides individuals with immediate feedback on their understanding. The system provides organisations with a training platform where they can measure effectiveness, improve safety and productivity and ensure consistency with important corporate and procedural messages. 

How can VOICEMAP™ benefit your organisation?
  • Reduce your training costs and improve workplace performance and safety.
  • Increase retention of information, track learning needs and maintain an electronic record of testing.
  • It’s mobile, up-to-the-minute, easy-to-use and offers consistent, on-the-job learning, ensuring all your staff receive the same message.
  • Reduce the risk of human error.
  • Train your staff and contractors quickly, effectively and consistently on important procedures, processes and issues.
  • It’s tailored to meet the competency requirements of your industry.
  • Innovate your workplace! Move with the times and make life easier for yourself.
  • It’s a world class training and risk management system currently being used internationally in emergency departments, rail and mining industry, offices, factories and manufacturing plants.
  • Save time and increase efficiency.
How does VOICEMAP™ technology work? 

  • By using a mobile audio program that incorporates web-based knowledge testing.
  • Audio programs are customised to the organisation and guide the learner through procedures and facilities - ideal for safety awareness and behavioural change, site orientation, mandatory training and the use of machinery and equipment.
  • The technology provides the platform for practical learning experiences. Learners are mobile as they listen and use the visual cues in their environment to reinforce their new knowledge.
  • It assists the learner in retaining knowledge more effectively than traditional lecture-style or group programs.
Want to know more about VOICEMAP™? 

  • It was designed for effective adult learning (Andragogy) by Dr Maggie Haertsch, PhD.
  • It is self-paced, self-directed, goal-oriented and relevant to the context of the work environment.
  • It offers key motivators for learning, provides reinforcement and enhances knowledge retention.
  • Learners are in control of the volume and pace of the information – ideal for busy or noisy workplaces.
  • The assessment provides immediate feedback on the knowledge acquired by the learner. This immediate feedback provides a discussion point for the learner and their supervisor / learning coordinator to develop further training based on identified needs. 

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