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Introduction to the series by Christina Koutsoukos
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Aubrey Daniels

What makes a good leader – ask their followers!
What defines a good leader? Are we looking in the wrong place for our measurement criteria? Leadership is not about a role of power within a hierarchy. It is a combination of behaviours which one would argue we should all be displaying on a daily basis. It’s achieving discretionary effort from those around us so they want to give us their best. It’s being effective and influential. So why is the failure rate of leaders in the corporate world so high? Dr Aubrey Daniels talks with Christina Koutsoukos about why leaders should be looking to their followers to establish how effective they actually are. (Running time: 19 mins 20 secs; Download: 27.0MB)

Conversation Focus
  • Leaders should be looking to their followers for signs of leadership effectiveness – they should be listening and observing. Their followers mirror their behaviour; they reflect the leadership behaviours being displayed.
  • Impact of the leader on their followers. The simple act of being appointed a role in a hierarchy doesn’t make a leader effective. Positions don’t give power, they give authority to make decisions or take action. Leaders have to behave in a way that makes their followers want to follow them in order to become esteemed – the power therefore resides in the follower.
  • Effective leaders address the needs of their followers.
  • Making improvements and facilitating change particularly safety in the workplace requires a leader to encourage leadership behaviours in their followers.
  • Achieving success - the leader and manager can reside inside the same person

About Aubrey Daniels

Dr Aubrey Daniels, renowned behavioural psychologist and analyst and the founder and chairman of Aubrey Daniels International (ADI) is a world-recognised authority on behavioural science in the workplace. He is an internationally recognised author, speaker and expert in behaviour-based technologies, and is well-known by his clients, colleagues and friends for his dynamic and charming personality and for his dedication to changing the way the world works.

Dr Daniels consults to organisations on management and human performance issues such as leadership, coaching and mentoring, selection and retention, quality, productivity, compensation and rewards, morale and culture, performance systems, employee skill mastery and change management.

Dr Daniels is represented in Australia by ADI’s partner company SafetyWorks Group (www.safetyworks.com.au). Dr Daniels visits Australia every year to work with SafetyWorks clients. SafetyWorks also host public seminars.

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The Measure of a Leader

Founder and publisher of quarterly Performance Management Online Ezine which can be found at www.pmezine.com

Also visit www.aubreydaniels.com for more on Dr Aubrey Daniels, his useful resources and his company, Aubrey Daniels International.

Safetyworks is Aubrey Daniels International partner company in Australia.

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