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Introduction to the series by Christina Koutsoukos
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Shoshana Faire

Managing Conflict: Clash or Collaboration?
Do you react or respond to conflict? Relationships in the workplace is a breeding ground for conflict. Listen to Shoshana Faire deconstruct conflict in a conversation with Christina Koutsoukos. She explains that handling relationships requires a specific set of communication skills that can transform conflict into opportunity and enable us to strengthen bridges not to burn them. (Running time: 29 mins 52 secs; Download: 26.1MB)

Conversation Focus
  • Responding to conflict constructively means changing your attitude to communication breakdown. Self awareness is the first step in understanding the true situation.
  • Collaboration is the cornerstone of managing conflict – lessons on how to find the ‘middle ground’ and make it ‘safe’ for all concerned.
  • How to use power to empower others by getting people with work with not underneath you.
  • Focusing on needs. That is, don’t focus on what is wrong – but what is needed in order to make the situation change and create solutions.

About Shoshana Faire

Shoshana Faire has been a well known expert in the area of conflict resolution for eighteen years and her work has been vital in influencing the ways that people interact in their personal and professional lives. She has had extensive experience in facilitating executive forums, special purpose meetings, retreats and conferences, team conflicts, team development processes and change management processes. Faire is a founding director of The Conflict Resolution Network (CRN) and her co-authored book ‘Everyone can Win’, published in six languages, is ‘the backbone’ of the training programs the organization offers. She is director of Professional Facilitators International, a company that provides training, facilitation and mediation services.

Useful resources

Faire, S & Cornelius, H. 2006. “Everyone can Win; Responding to Conflict Constructively”. Simon and Schuster. Australia

Goleman, Daniel. 1998. “Working with Emotional Intelligence”. Bantam Books. USA 

Conflict Resolution Network

Professional Facilitators International

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