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The history behind VOICEMAP™
VOICEMAP™ is the brainchild of Dr Maggie Haertsch, RN, RM, Grad. Dip. Health Sciences, PhD. Created in 2004 and pioneered in the Emergency Department of the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, Australia, VOICEMAP™ has gradually been rolled out internationally inside hospitals, rail network corporations, mining and steel industry and government agencies and office environments. 

Offering a revolutionary training and risk management system – and now a 20/20 Vision audio series of hot workplace topics – VOICEMAP™ leads the way in 21st Century adult learning initiatives. Voicemap International Ltd and its affiliated companies provide expertise in every area of production, to ensure that its clients are offered exactly what they need. From initial scoping of business requirements, consultancy, content development and instructional design, post-production and IT services. 

With this revolutionary risk management training system, VOICEMAP™ is helping businesses to re-vitalise work-place learning and promote learning organisations. It does this through reviewed and renewed induction and orientation programs, improving processes and procedures and encouraging and supporting safety awareness and behaviour change. 

Dr Haertsch’s system is changing the way work-place learning is delivered. 

The system is used for induction and re-induction, key processes, procedures, safety awareness and behaviour change. The use of this technology and the intelligence of its content design takes work-place learning to new standards.

The history behind Dr Maggie Haertsch PhD
Dr Haertsch started her career as a nurse and midwife, later qualifying with a PhD in Behavioural Sciences in Relation to Medicine. She has extensive experience in adult learning and the use of new media as a learning platform. This experience, combined with her interest in behavioural approaches to safety in the workplace, brought Dr Haertsch to develop the VOICEMAP™ system.

Who we give to…

Our company is a proud supporter of humanitarian work around the world. The major projects we support currently are Operation Kabul Children’s Health also known as Operation KCH and the Clown Doctor Program. 

Operation KCH is a project that provides direct support to improve the health and welfare of children in Kabul, Afghanistan. The two projects are the rebuilding of a large school that provides education to over 9000 boys and girls and the support of a small children’s surgical unit. For more information go to the website: www.operationkch.com

We also support the work of the Humour Foundation and in particular the Clown Doctor Program which is running in 18 children’s hospitals around Australia, The Clown Doctor Program provides fun and laughter to children, families, friends and staff using highly skilled professional actors. They are a service provided to hospitals and rely on donations to continue their amazing work. Information can be found on their website: www.clowndoctors.com.au

The Voicemap™ Team
Our team includes sound engineers, professional voice actors, software engineers, education specialists, writers and journalists, instrustional designers, research consultants and adminstrative staff as well as a list of experts who advise on industry specific best practice.
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