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Client comments, feedback and testimonials

"Staff have been quite excited about the system", according to John Hunter Hospital Emergency Department Nurse Manager Sandra Platt. "It is helping them to understand their role, the expectations and the overall function of the department. It also helps free up our clinical staff so they are spending less time physically showing new staff through the department and more time on clinical teaching."

London Terminals Manager of ‘one’, Steve Newland said: "Having spent over 20 years working on the railways, I am always looking for different training methods and technological advances to help managers and front line staff to develop their careers and improve their competency levels. Training and personal development is critical to the success of any business, and with an ever greater focus on developing a multi-skilled workforce, VOICEMAP™ provides a new, innovative approach for briefing staff and reviewing their competency levels and skills knowledge."

"North Glasgow University Hospitals (NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde) are acutely aware of the complex orientation and induction needs of all our multi-professional staff. VOICEMAP™ gives us the opportunity to develop an innovative tailored program to support orientation and induction. This approach enables us to focus on occupational health and safety, management of clinical risk and the multi-faceted, evolving challenges faced by valued and committed healthcare professionals."
Mr Alastair Kirk, Greater Glasgow NHS, UK.

"VOICEMAP™ is making a difference to our organisation as it supports and provides continuity of information in a (pathology) service that has highly defined processes and critical outcomes. VOICEMAP™ technology provides an efficient and effective method to disseminate key messages and organisational vision thus improving overall performance."
Mr Bruce Tually, General Manager, Hunter Area Pathology Service, NSW Australia

"In a medium-sized Emergency Department with limited resources and frequent changes of staff, it's great to know we have in place a regular and reliable means of orientating staff that does not consume the time of existing staff - VOICEMAP™. This system has made a great difference to the logistics of taking on new staff in a busy department - I would recommend it wholeheartedly."
Dr David Gleadhill, Maitland Hospital, Australia.


"It was certainly a lot easier than having to listen to somebody and you don’t retain it. A couple of times I rewound it again to recap just to confirm what I thought had been said."
VOICEMAP™ User, Heath Industry

"The assessment was really helpful because it gave me a chance to evaluate my own learning experience."
VOICEMAP™ User, Heath Industry.

"I found it good because it guided me though everything rather than someone showing you and they might miss something. It was such a comprehensive list of everything you needed to know."
VOICEMAP™ User, Heath Industry

"The way we have trained in the past is relying on other people’s experience, and that is great as long as the other person knows the right answer, the only way to find out if that is the right answer is to ask other people, so you start to get different opinions … but with this (VOICEMAP™), its all there, and you are hearing it for yourself, that then it gives you the right answer"
VOICEMAP™ User, Oil and Gas Production.

"It covers different styles of learning, you are listening to it, you are seeing it and then you are going to, in the end, read about it during the test. So with those three different areas of learning, it should stick, more than just reading it off the screen or having somebody talking about it. Combining all three is good"
VOICEMAP™ User, Oil and Gas Production.

"The main difference for me with Voicemap™ is that if you miss something, you can go back and play it again, you feel a bit more intimidated if you are in the classroom to ask a question if the group is moving on. With VOICEMAP™, you don’t have to make notes or anything, you can just go back and re-listen, repeat it at your own will."
VOICEMAP™ User, Oil and Gas Production.

"…it was a great idea for training; it saves a lot of time"
VOICEMAP™ User, Government Administration

"It was easier than going to a course, easier to do it at your desk – if you did it at a course you’d have to take it back, and forget it on the way."
VOICEMAP™ User, Government Administration

"It was fine for someone like me who is not switched on with computers… so it was good. And I was left alone to do it, that was good too."
VOICEMAP™ User, Coal Mining.

"I found VOICEMAP™ an easier process. You went through it step by step. The information was good coming through the iPod to listen to the presentation."
VOICEMAP™ User, Coal Mining.

"I’m a team leader and I need to train my step so it makes my job easier. I think once you’ve got the knack of it – it’d be useful to be there as a tool so you could refresh."
VOICEMAP™ User, Coal Mining
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